Eugenio Derbez shocked his fans with an important announcement about his career, is he retiring?

Eugenio Derbez made a decision for 2024 that quickly made it a trend.


Eugenio Derbez has had a full schedule of work in both film and television; That is why the Mexican actor decided to make an important decision for 2024 about his career.

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Throughout 2023, Eugenio Derbez was on everyone’s lips thanks to successful projects such as Radical and his family reality show On a trip with the Derbezas well as his participation in various public events, which is why many of his followers wondered what they are.The plans that the actor has for 2024.

In an interview, Eugenio Derbez he was sincere to recognize that “you no longer feel good”so he made an important decision after 50 years of experience, What was the shocking announcement of the protagonist of La familia P. Luche?

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Eugenio Derbez became a trend and generated all kinds of comments after would announce that will take a professional break in this 2024; However, he made it clear that this It is not a definitive withdrawal.

“I’m going to rest, not to stop, but to reduce it by about half”

The actor, who suffered a spectacular shoulder fracture at the end of 2022, recognized that this serious accident marked a before and after in his life, since You no longer feel as good working at the same pace you had maintained in previous years.

“I’m going to rest, not stop, but lower it by about half. At this rate I don’t feel good anymore“, acknowledged the actor through a video published on his social networks where he informed his fans of his decision.

Eugenio Derbez accepted that, although 2023 was an especially successful year for him, it also meant an increase in his workload that ended up affecting himso he decided to slow down the pace of his life thinking about his well-being.