Eugenio Derbez supports Shakira in her media fight against Piqué

Eugenio Derbez makes it clear that he supports Shakira in her media fight against Gerard Piqué.

It was on January 11 when it was announced that Shakira was joining Bizarrap to release a song, which would stand out for having strong hints towards Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía Martí, the 22-year-old girl who has been accused of meddling in your relationship.

In addition to the success it has had on all digital platforms, the song titled ‘SHAKIRA || BZRP Music Sessions # 53 ‘has unleashed a wave of criticism against the Colombian singer from those who call her “ardid” and defend her ex-partner today.

During a recent meeting with the press, Eugenio Derbez came to her defense and assured that the interpreter of ‘No’ has the right to express herself in the way she feels best: “Everyone suffers their duels differently, so good for her, I support her.”

When asked about his opinion regarding this highly publicized scandal, the comedian limited himself to saying that he feels great appreciation for the Colombian singer, that he is very sorry for everything that has happened around his separation with Gerard Piqué and makes it clear that He will support her wholeheartedly.

“I love her very much, we don’t talk to each other much but I love her very much and we have a good relationship. What happened to her hurt me a lot, so I think it’s worth supporting her, ”said Eugenio Derbez.