Even locked in a reality show, Laura Bozzo protects herself against Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva

In the reality show “The House of Celebrities”, Laura Bozzo is emerging as one of the favorites to win the cash prize of 200 thousand dollars, especially after the expulsion of Niurka Marcos.

But even being locked away on the reality show, Bozzo has also scored a legal win in her real-life lawsuit against Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto.

“I am able to report that #LauraBozzo protected herself so as not to pay the expenses and costs of the trial that she lost with Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva. Yes, she did it from The House of Celebrities 2,” he wrote in a message from his Twitter account of journalist Gilberto Barrera.

The lawsuit arose when Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva made their relationship known, which caused Lauzza to call Baeva “husband stealer” and Soto “unfortunate of the year”.

The actors then decided to sue for moral damages in a lawsuit led by the lawyer Gustavo Herrera.

Until now, the resolutions have been in favor of the couple and against Bozzo, who was sentenced on May 25 to pay expenses and costs of the trial.

It is against this sentence that Laura Bozzo now decided to protect herself.

In a document that TVyNovelas has a copy of, it reads:

“By means of this document, in due time and form, I come to present Direct Amparo against the sentence issued by this Chamber”