Everything you need to know about ‘Your life is my life’, the new Televisa soap opera: cast, where to watch and more

The soap opera premiered on January 15, 2024.


The soap opera industry is filled with anticipation for Televisa’s upcoming release, ‘Tu vida es mi vida’. This new soap opera promises to be a “revolutionary television experience” and is about to be presented to the public.

What is ‘Your Life is My Life’ about?

‘Your life is my life’ is the latest telenovela on Televisa. This new drama promises to take the soap opera experience to a new level with Televisa’s latest innovations that were designed to transform the way of living, as well as connecting and creating based on Thanatology.

The soap opera revolves around Paula, a woman who will rethink her existence and abandon her life as a businesswoman to spend as much time as possible with her three children after learning that she suffers from a serious illness that endangers her life. Despite the difficulties, Paula and Pepe, played by Susana González and Valentino Lanús respectively, will experience a great attraction that will lead them to do everything to try to be together.

Cast of ‘Your Life is My Life’

‘Your life is my life’ will feature a stellar cast. Susana González and Valentino Lanús will star in this story of love and hope. Valentino Lanús will return to the small screen after seven years of absence1. Additionally, the cast will also include Juan Soler, who will play Paula’s father.

Release date of ‘Your Life is My Life’

‘Your life is my life’ will premiere next Monday, January 15 through the Canal de las Estrellas signal. Be sure to mark the date on your calendar so you don’t miss this exciting release.

‘Your life is my life’ promises to be a milestone in the soap opera industry. With its combination of a moving plot, well-developed characters, and exploration of deep themes such as thanatology, this drama is set to set a new standard in the soap opera experience.

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