Exatlón México 2023: they filter who are the winners of La Villa this Thursday, December 28

Spoilers about today’s winners began to appear on the networks.


Today the chapter of Exatlon Mexico where Celebrities and Contenders will play with everything to stay in the race. It is worth mentioning that during This Sunday one of the athletes will abandon the competitionso every win here counts.

Who will be eliminated?

Rumors began to spread on social media about who will win La Villa this December 28. Like every Thursday, Antonio Rosiqueput the keys to the territory at stake with the aim of taking over The Villa 360.

The winners will be able to have more comforts, such as enjoying a bed, a privacy space, showers with hot water, a variety of food and training equipment. The losers will have to settle for Metallic Canyon.

Likewise, spoilers about today’s results are already circulating on the internet and suggest that the curse is finally over for the bluewell they managed to win La Villa 360after weeks of losing it against the reds.

They filter who will win the men’s medal at Exatlón México 2023

Not only did the spoilers appear for the winners of La Villaif not also who isThe athlete who will take the medal this Thursday, December 28. According to information shared by the YouTube channel ‘Realitys Show 2024- NEWS’ the winner is Andrés Fierro.

He blue team athlete He could win the medal by giving his team an advantage. It is worth mentioning that this information is not confirmed, as it is speculation. We just have to wait to see if the theories are true and the blue team emerges victorious.

Remember that Exatlon Mexico It will be broadcast this Thursday, December 28, 2023 at 8:30 PM on the channel Aztea One. You can watch it through the Azteca Deportes digital platform.

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