Exatlón México 2023: who won La Villa 360 this Thursday, December 28?

The Villa 360 of ‘Exatlón México’ is the maximum advantage of the reality show.

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It was not a surprise when the results of the duel in ‘Exatlón México’ were announced.

The battle for La Villa 360 took place this Thursday, December 28 between the Blue and Red teamswho gave their best on the circuit of Lizard Pond to get the maximum advantage. After an intense confrontation, It was the Blues who established themselves as the best. What will happen next?

“That’s how things change.”

Antonio Rosique.

The Reds were dominating in the last chapters of ‘Exatlón México’, but It was a big surprise when their rivals won at the end with a two-point advantageletting them spend the last night of the year in the Metallic Canyon.

In reality program 46, Lisli Patiño, David Juárez, Javi Cortés, Andrea Medina, Liliana Hernández, Andrés Fierro, Macky Gonzalez and Javier Márquez celebrated having obtained the advantage, all thanks to Liliana’s performance on the shooting line.

“Finally the Blues are going to La Villa 360 in Exatlón (…) This is how things change in this exciting adventure, Mexico!” celebrated driver Antonio Rosique, who admitted that he was already tired of seeing them in the ravine during the last weeks.

The Blue team will be able to enjoy the comforts of La Villa, equipped with beds, private space, showers, hot water and food of all kinds. Without a doubt, you will have an excellent New Year inside there.

This Friday, the teams will face each other at the start of the series for survivalwhere one will have to leave the competition this Sunday, December 31.

Exatlón México 2023 winners

The Blues took the maximum advantage from La Villa 360 in ‘Exatlón México 2023’.

()Instagram @exatlonmx)

Where to see ‘Exatlón México 2023’

You can tune in to ‘Exatlón México 2023’ from Monday to Friday at 8:30 p.m. through Azteca Uno. On elimination Sundays, the broadcast is at 8:00 p.m.

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