Exatlón México 2024: Macky González reappears in the competition after being hospitalized, what happened to her?

Macky González had disappeared from the program without any explanation.

(Instagram @exatlonmx)

Things have gotten complicated for Macky González in ‘Exatlón México’, will he leave the competition or will he continue to make an effort until the last moment?

Macky González has become one of the favorite athletes in ‘Exatlón México 2024’, but unfortunately it has not performed as expected since the competition began at the end of last year. After two weeks complaining about an injury, she finally had to be taken to the hospital.

In the episode of last Monday, January 28, ‘The Amazon’ – the affectionate nickname of Macky González—returned to the broadcast to explain his state of healthworrying his Blue teammates and his fans in the audience.

What happened to Macky González?

Macky González had an infection in his foot, which originated after being injured by a spike that pierced his muscle., reaching almost to the bone. She explained that the situation took her to the hospital, where she received care and was washed to disinfect the wound.

Macky González explained his absence in Exatlón México

Macky González explained his absence in Exatlón México.

(Instagram @exatlonmx)

The good news is that Macky returned this Wednesday.

“I had an injury that I never imagined would trigger this nightmare,” he said upon his return.

His colleagues in ‘Exatlón México’ sent him messages of support and they welcomed her with hugs.

Check out his statement below:

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Exatlón México 2024: who won the Colossal Battle?

With the return of Macky González to the competition, the Colossal Battle took place. The winners in ‘Exatlón México’ this Wednesday, January 31, were the athletes of the Blue teamafter a close confrontation against the Reds.

This Thursday, The teams will face each other for Villa 360, which offers amenities and food for the winning team, representing a clear advantage towards Elimination Sunday. Who will take the victory? Definitely, For Macky and the Blues it would be important to achieve it and thus recover 100%.

Macky has not been the only one who has suffered an injury this season. Pato Araujo also had a brutal accident on the circuit which took him to the emergency room for a few days; Fortunately, the athlete was reinstated without any problems.

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