Exatlón México 2024: who is eliminated on Sunday, January 28?

A member of the Red team had to leave the lands of ‘Exatlón México 2024’.

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The one eliminated from ‘Exatlón México 2024’ this Sunday, January 28, was a member of the Red team, leaving one of the most emotional farewells of the reality show.

‘Exatlón México’ is becoming more and more intense, especially due to the ups and downs with various participants, such as Pato Araujo, who suffered an accident. As the battles for survival progress each weekend, in the elimination duel, one of the athletes must leave the competition, and this Sunday, January 29, was no exception. Who was eliminated? Nothing more and nothing less than Heber Gallegos.

Thus, the tenth eliminated from this season in ‘Exatlón México’ joins Gloria Murillo and Nano Ilianovichwho left the competition in recent weeks.

After this loss, The Reds will have to work harder to maintain their dominance in the competitionsince the Blues are not going to let themselves be defeated so easily.

Exatlón México eliminated

Heber and Javi faced each other in the elimination duel at ‘Exatlón México’.

(Instagram @exatlonmx)

Heber’s emotional farewell

In his farewell speech, Heber broke down in tears with his companionswho encouraged him not to give up due to this elimination.

“Like everyone in sport and in life, we have good days and bad days (…) The brotherhood that I leave here hurts me, the bonds that you form inside here”he said in front of everyone. And then he underlined the invitation of each of them to his wedding: “I hope for your attendance.” The rest of the athletes and the driver, Antonio Rosiquethey applauded to say goodbye.

Watch the full ‘Exatlón México 2024’ showdown below.

Exatlón México: who is Heber Gallegos?

Heber Gallegos, nicknamed ‘Thunder’ in ‘Exatlón México 2024’, is 32 years old and has a long career as an athlete. He has been a multi-medallist since he began the sport as a sprinter in his native Ojinaga, Chihuahua.

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In addition to this season, Heber has participated in three other events, and in one of them he reached the final. Although he intended to take the championship trophy this year together with the Red team, he will have to try again in later competitions.

Where to watch ‘Exatlón México 2024’?

You can watch ‘Exatlón México 2024’ from Monday to Friday from 8:30 p.m. through Azteca Uno. On Sundays, the program airs at 8:00 p.m..