Exatlón México: They filter who will be eliminated this Sunday, January 21

Exatlon Mexico.


Today we will meet the ninth eliminated from Exatlón México 2023-2024.

The Azteca survival reality show has been in the eye of the hurricane in recent days due to to the terrible accident suffered by Patricio ‘Pato’ Araujo, hitting his head against a steel bar, causing “a cranial trauma.”; a wound of 20 to 25 centimeters, with hemorrhage losing approximately 30 milliliters of blood… The wound has not presented any infection, it is progressing well, it is still in a critical area“explained Arturo Ruiz, a doctor who treated the former professional footballer.

The last:

This is how-Manuel-the-eldest-son-of-Anahí-and-Manuel-Velasco-has-grown-up-to-his-7-years-old.jpg


This is how Manuel, the eldest son of Anahí and Manuel Velasco, has grown up at 7 years old

Verónica-Gallardo-cries-due to-serious-health-problem-and-says-goodbye-I'm-very-bad-I-can't-anymore.jpg


Verónica Gallardo cries due to a serious health problem and says goodbye: I’m very bad, I can’t anymore

Hours before tonight’s program begins from the Dominican Republic, where we will meet the ninth eliminatedfan spoilers have begun to circulate indicating that the athlete Venezuelan Nano Ilianovich from the blue team would join the list of those eliminated from Exatlón México: Ernesto Cázares (blue team), Mireya Bianchi (blue), Diego Balleza (red), Jawy Méndez (blue), Giovanna Villegas (blue), Daniela Reza (red), Edgar ‘Tepa’ Solís (red) and Gloria Murillo (red).


Spoilers indicate that Nano Ilianovich will be the ninth eliminated from Exatlón México.


Don’t miss the ninth day of elimination Exatlon Mexico this Sunday, January 21 at exactly 8:00 p.m. on Azteca Uno.

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