Exclusive: A big surprise awaits Team Infierno that will end their plans for the LCDLFM final

They only eliminated Apio Quijano from Team Infierno.

Octavio Lazcano and Jose Luis Ramos.

The rules change in ‘The House of Famous Mexico’!

Nigris Poncho he repeated it over and over again like a broken record. His dream was that five members of the so-called Team Infierno will reach the grand finale of The House of Famous Mexicoso throughout the season he did the impossible to get rid of the opposing team until he did.

However, that desire is fading now that a special gala threatens to release, next Friday, August 11, a member of the controversial group that remains locked up.


In interview with TV and novelsthe producer of the program, Rosa Maria Noguerontold us that this strategy not only seeks to reduce the number of participants to the final gala on Sunday August 13but it will give more seasoning to the successful format in its last days of transmission.

“Starting this Monday it will be a clean slate, we call another vote and on Friday a member of the remaining five will come out as a finalist and not as eliminated, four arriving on Sunday,” the creative stated to this publication.

“People let off steam with hate”

Noguerón confesses that she is satisfied with the results obtained since the broadcast premiered on June 4, since the receptivity of the public exceeded their expectations. “I think we did a sleepless season, people say that they are late for work, that they sleep very late, what happens is that they are very hooked on what is happening in reality. Everything has had its pros and cons, I think the success of the program is so great that it has had a great impact on social networks, in other Latin American countries, and that’s why I see hate as a way for people to let off steam and although sometimes it is hurtful, it is part of the game.

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In this type of format there will always be someone who complains on one side or the other, when we made Warriors and Cobras won, they said that I didn’t want the Lions, so now it’s the same, if Team Cielo or Team Infierno wins, it’s the same to speak. In the end, what we are looking for is to put on a good show, entertain people, making them see that we do not interfere, there is a reason why voting is in the hands of the public and we have always respected it, what is convenient for us is that the will of viewers is reflected in each elimination.

On the closeness that the producer has with some members of The house of the famouss, told TVyNovelas: “I know the vast majority of those inside, we have a relationship of many years, with some work and with others personal, and that they were not public, because my photos were private, does not mean that they were not there was a connection to them. I had to make use of some friends to convince them, especially women, to join this project because some see it as dangerous because just as it rebuilds a career, if you don’t know how to play inside it can sink you, because there is also so much hate around, which affects emotionally”.