EXCLUSIVE: Cynthia Klitbo sent her only daughter to study in the United States due to insecurity in Mexico

Cynthia Klitbo is keeping an eye on her daughter’s social and educational life.

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Although Elisa was reluctant, Cynthia Klitbo decided for her to go live and study in the United States; She exclusively shares her reasons with us.

The femicides and the wave of violence that plague Mexico put Cynthia Klitbo on alert, so the actress took action on the matter and took her only daughter, Elisa, to live in the United States. The reaction of the 17-year-old girl at first was not the best, since the move implied leaving many things behind, including romances and affections that have marked her in her adolescence, but now, according to the artist tells TVyNovelas, she understands that her famous Mom did it for her own good and not out of a fit of desperation.


“Right now I am between Miami and Mexico City, but her uncle and her lifelong nanny, Amparito, are there, so even if I am not there, she is still at home; I go on weekends, and now that she’s gone on vacation from school, she’s come here for two months, while I’m coming and going. Apparently, in January I join a project there, and that’s how we walk, ”says the interpreter of iconic villains.

“Right now young women eat a lot of risk”

According to Klitbo, the fact that her daughter grows up in another environment gives her much more peace of mind: “Right now the young women in this country are at great risk and you don’t know if they will return safe and sound, and despite the fact that I feel very proud of My culture, my Mexico, violence is something I’m not proud of, and I think I share that with all the mothers in Mexico who have youngsters in their homes, we run the risk of our children going to the store and not come back, so it has been a great effort, because at first Elisa was crying for Mexico, but thank God she settled in; She did not want to leave, she is her land, she left her boyfriend, but right now she is very done, she already has many friends and appreciates that she has other preparation and more opportunities to be a great professional ” .

Despite being a single mother, Cynthia considers that she has played a good role in raising Elisa, since the youngster has not given her headaches: “I never have to check my daughter’s homework because she has a 9.6 average, I only I check your grades at the end of the year. It’s just that she’s a very studious girl and I don’t have a problem with that. I was diligent, but I think my daughter is more.”

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EXCLUSIVE: Cynthia Klitbo sent her only daughter to study in the United States due to insecurity in Mexico



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Elisa’s high grades make Cynthia very happy, although the young woman tells her that sometimes she feels that it is not enough, since the character of the actress generates some pressure for her. “I am very demanding with her; I was raised by a Dane and my mother didn’t go around hugging us much either, but my daughter is very affectionate and always tells me: ‘I always look for you to hug me’, and I had to explain to her that a mother doesn’t do anything more hugs, that a mom has to educate, and yes, I’m demanding, but don’t forget all the thousand things I do too. I told him: ‘I’m going to have to keep demanding because it’s my obligation to create a good human being out of you, my love.’

A “miracle” girl

For Cynthia Klitbo, one of her biggest dreams was to become a mother despite the various difficulties she faced in conceiving. “It is a miracle of the Virgin of Guadalupe, literally. I went with sobadores, healers, acupuncturists, five matrix operations, treatment for endometriosis, unblocking of fallopian tubes; well, I did everything for that girl… They were 11 years behind her, ”she said in an interview with Mara Patricia Castañeda.

After a lot of effort, in 2006 she was finally able to hold her baby in her arms and became the proud mother of Elisa, whom she boasts of with her followers on social networks whenever she can.

“I have cried more in novels than in real life”

But not only in real life is she a devoted mother, since in fiction, the artist also defends tooth and nail what she loves most in the world. “In Minas de pasión, the new telenovela that I am recording, I am going good, very good. I am the stepmother of Livia Brito, our protagonist. I’m a couple with Alejandro Camacho ‘El Tigre’, I have a son who we first see as small and then as a grown man, and I am a woman who heals, the town healer, with herbs, a woman very attached to the earth; I belong to the only functional family in history, because I am full of love.


At first I have a bit of a conflict with my stepdaughter, but it is a story in which this family represents everything that is the town, Mexican customs, the love of what a Latino family is, that although there is not much money, yes there is a moral and love basis. Obviously they are going to make us suffer a lot”, he confesses to our magazine.

Getting out of the stereotype of a villain that followed her for years is something that gives her a lot of satisfaction, managing to connect with the audience through other roles that move away from the classic bad soap opera: “I have been an antagonist since I was 18 years old; The producers loved the rich-girl villain, and when I turned 40, they started trusting me to do other types of characters.

I love the idea, and fortunately right now I’ve had the opportunity to do many different characters; It had been a long time since I had to do a good one here on Televisa. Precisely in the last novel with Livia (Nobody’s Woman) I made her life a yogurt, and now I am also going to do her stepmother, but this one is good, although I do not deny that I want to do a very terrible villain ” .


Working with lifelong friends is another privilege that Klitbo enjoys: “Alejandro Camacho has been people I’ve known since I was 18 years old, I was very close to Rebecca and him, we are very good friends, so I am very excited that he is my couple in history.

The protagonist of The House on the Beach assures that she is ready to cry in the project that will be released next August: “I have cried more in novels than in real life. What happens is that I am a crybaby, when I get angry I cry, I am not one of those who yell, but it is true that many of our tears go away on a set, that is why I say that I charge by the drop and I only cry for characters. Yes, I am a crybaby, I am one of those who see a stray dog ​​and I start to cry, things on the planet affect me a lot, children, I am too sensitive to injustice, animal abuse, the elderly, that’s why I can’t watch videos on the internet of abused animals because I can’t live with that.”

Curiously, she is not one of those who sees herself on the screen to analyze herself: “It is very difficult for those of us who make soap operas to see them. It is as if you were a butcher and you come home to chop meat. So, in the novels that I have done, I have never taken references from anyone, ”she concluded.