Exclusive: Livia Brito was a victim of sexual harassment

Livia Brito has put a stop to harassment.

Octavio Lazcano.

Being famous does not exempt cases of abuse; the Cuban actress Livia Brito knows it well, because she has been a victim of harassment and she confesses to us how to face it

Just like her character in her new soap opera, Livia Brito, 37, confesses that she has suffered sexual harassment in real life. Exclusively, the protagonist of passion mines She shares how she has put a stop to this type of sensitive situation that many women face; In addition, she told us that she continues with the illusion of becoming a mother, and that she could do it, even without the support of a partner.

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“We have to stop seeing it as something normal and make it noticeable”

How did you prepare to give life to a miner in your new telenovela?

The work of the miners is very difficult; In fact, everything we have around us, like our cell phones, comes from mining, things we need in daily life come from there, it is a job that is not highly valued and quite hard, especially for a woman miner, on the one hand, facing the physical work that it implies, and on the other, sexual harassment, which is a subject that we also touch on in the soap opera. Something that Emilia is going through is salary inequality, since she does the same job or even better than the men around her, even so, these kinds of things happen to her. So, for all the women who watch the soap opera and go through this type of problem (of inequality and harassment), not just in a mine, but in any field, it is important that they take note and realize that sometimes we go through for sexual harassment and we don’t realize it.

In fact, sexual harassment is more frequent than we think and sometimes it has even been normalized. Has this happened to you?

Not in my career, but in my personal life it has happened to me, it has happened to many women, and I saw it reflected in the treatment that was given to Emilia in the mine; in fact, she has a very strong scene where she stops him (her attacker) in his tracks. I think that this is one of the things we have to do, stop seeing (harassment) as something normal and make it notice; if we are in an office, talk about it with the boss, even if it is the boss who is doing sexual harassment, talk about it with the other colleagues, and if not, then go to the police.

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How have you faced it?

In the same way as Emilia, who is a person who talks and shouts at 28,000 winds and knows how to stop, this is how all women have to do it, say it in front of the other colleagues and make it notice, never stay silent .

“Whatever maternal instinct I have will never go away”

Sometimes it’s hard to have the courage to raise your voice… That’s right, as women we must raise our voices; The soap opera also deals with the bullying suffered by Nicolás, who is Emilia’s son, because he does not have a father. For the simple fact that she is a “single mother”, this “surname” that they give mothers and that I don’t like at all”, the child suffers bullying. My character is raped and she doesn’t want to tell anyone because not even she knows what happened, which is precisely one of the secrets that we are going to see in this soap opera. Little by little it will be discovered why Emilia kept all this to herself, and unfortunately it is out of pity.

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Why do you disagree with the term “single mother”?

What happens is that you are still a mother, no matter what title they give you, it can be a complete family of mother and son or grandmother and son… I think you don’t have to give it a title, you are going to make a family Whatever the family nucleus you have formed, you do not have to say “single”. You simply have to say: “I am a mother and I am a fighter, a businesswoman, I support my son and I have three jobs, but my son is going to go to university and he is going to have a good education, even if it is just me; that is my family, he is small, but he is my family ”.

Speaking of family, before starting this project you were firm in the idea of ​​becoming a mother, do you still have that desire?

Of course, I’m just filming with Nicolás (his son in the melodrama), who is Andrés, a beautiful boy with whom my maternal instinct has sprouted everywhere; I think that this instinct that I have will never go away, as I have already told you before, I am in a medical process, but right now I am enjoying my present, which is this soap opera, which I am doing with all the love in the world.

Would you dare to be a mom without a partner?

Yes, of course, as I was saying, it would be my little family, but it is my family.