Exclusive photos of what Erik Rubín and Andrea Legarreta look like in “Vaselina”

The play premiered on July 19.

Octavio Lazcano

Erik Rubín and Andrea Legarreta play Frenchy and Tacho in the musical Vaselina, produced by Alejandro Gou and which also brings together other Timbiriches: Mariana Garza, Benny Ibarra, Alix Bauer.

With a set design that mixes retro with technological modernity, the staging opens this July 19 and finally the public will be able to see what the actors look like in their 70s rock outfits.

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Benny Ibarra (center) plays Danny

Octavio Lazcano

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As Frenchy, Andrea Legarreta sports a spectacular pastel pink wig that makes her look very similar to Didi Conn’s performance in the 1978 film.


Octavio Lazcano

With a wardrobe that is also in pastel tones and that mixes blue with red, Andrea’s Frenchy is charming and fun.


Vaseline 2

In the case of Erik Rubín, his Tacho wears a wig that gives the character a very funny tone of farce. Wearing a shirt that exposes his muscles and suspenders that add the touch of a charming villain, Rubín gives a performance that won over the audience that attended the premiere.


Octavio Lazcano

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Octavio Lazcano

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