EXO’s DO will leave SM Entertainment and create his own agency

  • Media in Korea previously reported that the prominent EXO singer was leaving SM Entertainment to establish his own company.

It has been announced that DO is leaving SM Entertainment and has now formed his own agency that he will work with from now on, but is he going to separate from his group?

EXO idols have been working in the K-Pop industry for over 10 years now, they debuted in 2012 and have gone through all kinds of experiences as idols that have made them learn and grow over time.

EXO has always been a group of SM Entertainment, one of the most important agencies in the entire history of K-Pop that this year went through great controversy due to the sale of its shares and HYBE’s appropriation of said company.

And it is obvious that what EXO-L wants for the group’s idols is the best, even if they must find their own path and continue. That is why EXO fans are now proud of Do Kyungsoo as he will begin a new path with a new company that he will form.

DO will leave SM Entertainment in November and will begin working under Company SooSoo, an agency of which he will be CEO and continue his career.

SM Entertainment issued a statement detailing that DO will leave the company, his contract with it ends in November 2023 and from then on he will no longer be one of its artists.

But now he will join Company SooSoo which will be his own company.