EXO’s Kai Reveals Comeback Date And Debuts “Rover” Teaser

Rover is the name of EXO’s Kai’s new mini album, which already has teaser photos and a release date.

After a long year of festival appearances, EXO’s Kai is ready to return with new music. He excited EXO-L by announcing that, in a few weeks, he will be releasing a new mini album. This is what is known about Rover.

Kai will be back next month with his new mini album Rover, which was announced on EXO’s official accounts. The first teaser made EXO-L scream, especially because of the mystery on the poster.

During 2022, EXO’s Kai participated in many music festivals around the world and was also very active in the fashion world. Now, he plans to kick off 2023 with new music.

EXO’s social media changed their layout to announce Rover, Kai’s new solo comeback, causing EXO-L to scream with excitement.

The first teaser showed a mysterious poster with several black and white circles, which gives you a mesmerizing feeling, while you can see a blurry figure that could be Kai.

In addition to the image, the name of the album Rover also appears next to the idol’s name and the announcement that it will be his third mini album.

Rover, EXO’s Kai’s comeback is scheduled to be released on March 13, 2023, at 6:00 pm (KST). As of yet, it is unknown how many songs the album will have, so fans are looking forward to this comeback.