Explosive statements by the Mercedes boss: he compared the definition of Formula 1 with Maradona’s “Hand of God”

Toto Wolff was kept for four days, but reappeared and fired with thick ammunition (REUTERS / Andrej Isakovic) (ANDREJ ISAKOVIC /)

After 96 hours of silence after the controversial definition of the Formula 1, this Thursday Toto wolff, head and shareholder of the team Mercedes, came out with the end caps and the football reference serves as an introduction to the comparisons that the Austrian made about the damage that he understands they suffered on Sunday in the last lap when his pilot, Lewis hamilton, lost leadership at the hands of Max Verstappen (Red Bull), who became world champion.

In an interview with the German newspaper Bild, the team-manager assured that they suffered an injustice comparable to the “Hand of God” by Diego Maradona against England in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico and England’s third goal in the 1966 World Cup final, whose ball did not enter completely and was at a key moment in the extension played in the legendary Wembley stadium.

Wolff, 49, analyzed what happened at the end of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix where the World Championship was defined. Hamilton was leading the race when he neutralized on lap 53 to remove the Williams from Nicholas latifi, which was confused. Verstappen was second in the qualifier, but at the time he had five lags ahead. Before the relaunch on the last lap, the Clerk of the Course, Michael Masi, allowed the Dutchman to overtake the cars that were going with fewer laps and as he had put on soft tires, when the safety car got into the pits, in the following meters he surpassed the Englishman.

Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff are bastions of Mercedes' successes (REUTERS / Ozan Kose)
Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff are bastions of Mercedes’ successes (REUTERS / Ozan Kose) (OZAN KOSE /)

Mercedes made two complaints after the race, one for overtaking the laggards and another because before the race was relaunched Verstappen put his Red Bull almost on par with Hamilton’s Mercedes. The claims were unsuccessful and five hours later, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) reported that they were denied.

The German team first warned that it was going to appeal the measure, but this Thursday when the deadline expired, decided to backtrack, although with a line drop: Nobody from Mercedes attended the FIA ​​gala, the traditional end-of-year event where the prizes are awarded to the champions and the Teutonic squad achieved its eighth title in a row of Constructors this season.

What’s more, Wolff questioned the continuity of Hamilton in 2022. The English pilot has been silent since Sunday and there is a lot of expectation for what he can express on his social networks.

Max Verstappen on his way to victory and the title in Abu Dhabi (REUTERS / Kamran Jebreili)
Max Verstappen on the road to victory and title in Abu Dhabi (REUTERS / Kamran Jebreili) (KAMRAN JEBREILI /)

When asked by the German media if “they had experienced the greatest injustice in the history of sport on Sunday”, Wolff was blunt and replied: “It’s definitely on par with Diego Maradona’s hand of God or Wembley’s 1966 goal.”.

The case of the remembered captain of the Argentine team is about when in his jump with the English goalkeeper Peter shilton, touched the ball with his fist and ended in a goal, which was validated by the referee. It was the first goal of the match for the quarterfinals of the tournament in Mexico. Then Maradona scored the best goal in World Cup history.

The other example Toto cited was that of the 1966 World Cup final, when the forward Geoff hurst he finished off, the ball hit the crossbar, hit the line and did not enter, although the judge considered the goal legitimate. With this, the locals became 3-2 against Germany.

Then they asked Wolff if “they took the title from Hamilton” and although he said “no”, he threw the responsibility to Masi: “An inconsistent decision by the race director took the title from Lewis”.

On what role Hamilton played not to appeal, the team-manager maintained that it was a team effort. “Each step was a joint decision. We decided together that we would protest and wanted to carefully consider a possible appeal. We decided together not to do this. Even if we had won against all the normal dishes, we did not want to win the title at the green table, “he said.

If they believed they could not win the case, he admitted: “No. Because the FIA ​​would have been accused and judge at the same time. This releases a feeling of helplessness. Like Sunday in the last lap. This is how I last felt as a child. “

Finally, on whether Masi should be removed from his post, he stated: “I don’t want to apply that to a single person, but I’m not currently interested in chatting with him”.


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