Explosive statements of a former figure of the Chilean National Team against Bichi Borghi: “He got on the campus bus taken”

Claudio Borghi and Jorge Valdivia shot each other with thick ammunition

that the relationship between Claudio Borghi and Jorge Valdivia It broke a long time ago, it’s nothing new. But yes, the former soccer player of the Chilean team disclosed some episodes lived with the Argentine coach during his coexistence in the red. In dialogue with Third, the magician accused Bichi of having climbed into the concentration microphone in an alcoholic state during a tour of Spain. And that was not all…

The short circuit began in 2011, prior to a qualifying match against Uruguay: Borghi had given the footballers license to meet for the baptism of Valdivia’s daughter and the event got out of hand for several members of that squad who attended to the concentration in “bad conditions”. The bichi made this fact public and erased from the team the Wizard and the other four involved (Arturo Vidal, Jean Beausejour, Gonzalo Jara and Carlos Carmona). They were fined 10 suspension dates each in addition to a 30% discount on prizes. The act of indiscipline was called the “Christening”.

“The baptism was a mistake that we made, but he should not forget what happened in Spain when he does not get on the bus in good condition. There was much talk, it was commented, it was speculated, that he got on the bus in a dubious state. No player told me that, no leader told me. Was it drunk? That’s how it is. a leader saw it”, was Valdivia’s complaint against Borghi in reference to a tour that Chile made to Barcelona at that time.

And, apparently, the former hitch who played in the World Cups in South Africa 2010 and Brazil 2014 was also stuck in another situation: “Don’t let Borghi forget that we shared with his representative friends in the Copa América concentration halls. He let his representative friends in to drink freely, with cronyism, in the concentration halls during the Copa América in Argentina”.

Jorge Valdivia played the World Cups in South <a class=Africa 2010 and Brazil 2014 with the Chilean team (Reuters)” height=”890″ src=”https://www.americanchronicles.news/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/Explosive-statements-of-a-former-figure-of-the-Chilean-National.jpeg” width=”1583″ />
Jorge Valdivia played the World Cups in South Africa 2010 and Brazil 2014 with the Chilean team (Reuters)

On this issue, he drew a parallelism: “Honestly, if the coach had been Bielsa or Sampaoli, I would not have asked permission for the baptism because they would never have given it to me. But with a permissive coach, whom I met in Colo Colo, who gave a lot of license and there was always talk that there was a lot of indiscipline in his teams, I did feel entitled to ask. Her physical trainer, Hernán Torres, is my daughter’s godfather, that’s why I took that liberty. And I don’t think that Bielsa or Sampaoli used the Juan Pinto Durán property on Mondays to have barbecues with friends”. And he added: “I take my responsibility, I was wrong. Punishment is fine because we break an order. But Borghi had to handle himself the same way he did the day before, when a player arrived with a broken head from a party.”

Valdivia’s strong criticism of Borghi was due to the crossover that the DT had had in recent days. “I had to remove five players, of which 4 were immovable starters, not Jorge Valdivia”, mentioned the world champion with Argentina in Mexico 86. On that saying, there was a response: “I am surprised that he says that he was not immovable. In Colo Colo I was immovable for him, he has declared it all his life. He has always said that I have been his weakness. He takes me to the National Team that played the Copa América in Argentina, even injured. In Colo Colo I was a fundamental pillar. And in the National Team he always said that I was permanent. He shows his true face again when he feels offended: he begins to attack, to speak personally”.

Valdivia today is a television and radio commentator on the ADN network, about which Borghi said: “What I dispossess, he seizes as a great source of work”, implying that he had rejected that job proposal. El Mago clarified: “They offered me to work on TNT, ESPN and ADN. I told TNT that I couldn’t be sitting with a person like Borghi, who only likes to give and not receive.”

Another of the appreciations of the former Chilean 10 was: “Between Bielsa and Sampaoli, Borghi came with poor results. First, with the elimination in the Copa América with Venezuela, with an extraordinary squad, with an armed team that Bielsa left. And we were eliminated without technical and football answers from the bench with a coach who was him (Borghi). We on the radio always try to talk about football, because otherwise I would go to a show business through Instagram.

The Magician Valdivia praised the work of the Argentines Bielsa and Sampaoli over that of Borghi in the Red
The Magician Valdivia praised the work of the Argentines Bielsa and Sampaoli over that of Borghi in the Red

Meanwhile, he also attacked Borghi for his work in La Roja: “He says that his team was first, but that doesn’t mean anything. What matters in this is to qualify for the world championships, it is to be champion, win things, and not go first three or four dates, because it does not indicate anything. It surprises me that a guy brags that he was first in a Qualifiers when they kick him out for poor results and then a coach arrives who classifies that team for the World Cup”.

Borghi appealed to irony to confront this debate with Valdivia: “I get into big, very big dog fights and this fight doesn’t seem right to me”. The trans-Andean answered him promptly about this and even ignored him: “That answer surprised me. Show the true face of him. Although he was in a National Team that was world champion, he did not have much participation. It should be noted that he was world champion, that he was a great player, but unfortunately he did not play in any of the teams that he played. He went to Milan, he didn’t play. He went to another minor team in Italy, he didn’t play. He went to Flamengo, he didn’t play. The great bichi Borghi is from Argentinos Juniors. As a player he had a career that is not a big dog. Big dogs are Arturo Vidal, Alexis Sánchez, Claudio Bravo. I don’t consider him a big dog, because as a trainer he wasn’t a big dog either. Knowing very little, he was able to be champion four times with a Colo Colo full of stars. What I do highlight is that with a team like Argentinos Juniors he was able to be champion, because afterwards… very little”.

For the end, he again compared Borghi with Bielsa: “He got tired of talking about Marcelo and he never answered him. His codes are very different from all the others. He talks about the videos that he found of Bielsa, that he found them wonderful, but did not take advantage of them. I could have used it to work on stopped balls, because in Colo Colo we didn’t work on stopped balls; when we had friendly matches; to find out who was France’s right-back and not improvise”.

And he was willing to keep the question on: “I think it’s perfect if tomorrow you want to talk again and answer me. I will answer you again. Because just as he feels empowered to say something about me, I can also do it because I was his player in Colo Colo, in the National Team. So, if we want to start seeing luck among gypsies, I don’t have any problem. I’m not afraid, we are the two greats. He, who feels free, but I’m going to feel the same. This is generated because I feel attacked, because I talk about something football and he takes it personally.


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