Expressive inkblots capture the erratic essence of cats

Artist Endre Penovac Creates Expressive Cat Paintings

When working with ink or watercolor, you can’t always control what will happen. However, Serbian artist Endre Penovác has learned to embrace the rebelliousness of these water-based mediums in his charming cat illustrations.

Starting with a few drops of black pigment, Penovác lets them run across the paper until the stain mimics the sinuous shape of a feline.

Each of these beautifully minimalist pieces brings out the understated beauty of black ink; in particular, the artist highlights the ways in which he interacts with water, brush and paper.

For example, a long brush stroke turns into a wavy tail, and a blot of black ink fading into lighter and lighter shades of gray easily transforms into the body of a cat. Even the blurring of the paint, which Penovác delicately accentuates with his tools, is used by the artist to form the texture of the fur.

Rooted in simplicity, Penovac’s art thrives on a limited color palette. Although he only uses black, blue, and (occasionally) yellow ink, he can paint different types of cats using shapes and negative space.

In one piece, the pattern of a black and white feline is partially determined by the absence of black ink in areas of the cat figure. Even without a line to guide us, we follow the shape of the other key areas of paint to complete the image of the animal.

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