Expressive portraits of all kinds of creatures celebrate beauty

Los Angeles-based artist Wayne Tsay creates dreamy digital paintings of different types of animals.

The animal kingdom is made up of numerous creatures with unique anatomies, colors, and patterns. Los Angeles-based artist Wayne Tsay celebrates the diversity of nature by challenging himself to create expressive portraits of mammals, fish and reptiles.

His distinctive style depicts the creatures with broad brush strokes, recognizable shapes, and delicate color palettes.

From a tiger lurking in the forest to a clown fish peeking out from behind anemones, these portraits celebrate different species as they go about their everyday lives.

Tsay does not focus on the details of his subjects, preferring instead to paint a more general image of the animal in motion. Likewise, he communicates the shape of each subject’s body by applying color in thick rectangular stripes.

While some works combine the representation of the animal with a natural setting, others juxtapose the subject with an abstract background.

Tsay purposely makes a simple background so that the viewer’s attention is focused solely on the animal, which in turn brings out the elegance of the subject’s form.

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