Ezra Miller demanded an offering from Susan Sarandon for his altar full of drugs and bullets

If you thought you already knew everything about Ezra Miller, you better reconsider

A new chapter in the life of Ezra Miller arrived this morning after Vanity Fair confirmed that a close friend of The Flash actor was upset with Susan Sarandon for not inviting him to a dinner, which is why he demanded that the Oscar winner bring an offering to the altar that he has in his country house in Vermont.

According to the statements of the source close to the Fantastic Beasts actor: Dumbledore’s secrets, it is not the first time that something similar has happened: “Many times he makes women put their cell phones on the altar when they enter and other offerings” .

The famous altar is made up of bullets, marijuana, sage and even some figures of The Flash. Although the problem came when Miller got upset with Susan Sarando for not having invited him to a dinner she held. How did the Justice League star react? He decided to demand an offering from Sarandon for her altar.

Ezra got upset recently… he demanded that Susan Sarandon come pay homage to his altar because he didn’t invite Ezra to a dinner party.

Despite Ezra Miller’s alleged request to the veteran actress of titles like Thelma & Louise and Alfie: The Irresistible Seducer, the person who revealed these details stated that the three “are dear friends” and if Miller were questioned about this situation, I would probably call this [anécdota] complete nonsense.”