Fabián Lavalle shows his face after leaking a scandalous video at a wild party with youngsters

Fabiruchis does not remain silent.

Fabiruchis reacts to the leak of the controversial video where he is seen intoxicated with other men in an apartment.

A few moments ago we told you that Fabián Lavalle, 64 years old, was caught “intoxicated” at a crazy party “with four young people in an apartment”.

was the program Gossip Not Like who released these controversial images where the owner of the program is seen Gossipof multimediain a rather compromising situation.


“We are going to show him the face of the cheeky, perverse and addicted. We are going to discover the face of the guy who was touching a man’s genitals and it is… Fabiruchis; again he does it again, he did not learn his lesson, ”said the presenter Javier Ceriani.

“What is this old gentleman doing with four youngsters, with four guys, in an apartment… Ladies and gentlemen, intoxicated again Fabiruchis… Fabiruchis again on a table full of prohibited toxic substances. Substances, condoms, pipes, everything you can imagine on the table of sin, terror, alcohol… There were condoms, that is, they were going to have anal relations… there was alcohol, pipes with herbs, with white powder. This is the life of the Fabiruchis Gossip”, commented Ceriani.

Fabian Lavalle He broke the silence on the television program that he leads regarding the controversial video that has been leaked.

“I totally don’t care. It does make me angry deep down that they do a lot of tricks with badly done advertising, because this was an event that of course happened many years ago, tricked? Yes, managed? Yeah. I have said it many times, that I was at parties, in many bacchanalia, many Sodom and Gomorrah… People have the right to claim or correct behaviors”.

A reporter from Chisme No Like even questioned him about the controversial video and this was answered by Fabiruchis upon his arrival at the offices of Grupo Multimedios.

“I don’t know where you got that from. Thank God I’m super fine, don’t worry, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Good afternoon friend, be well.