Facebook has implemented 65 of 117 civil rights recommendations

Meta, Facebook’s parent company, ensures that it has already implemented 65 of the 117 recommendations from its civil rights audit.

Goal, the matrix of Facebook, ensures that you have already implemented 65 out of 117 recommendations from your civil rights audit, with which you seek improve protection to marginalized communities and to guarantee the equality and the security.

The US company has shared in a statement its progress regarding its recommendations for civil rights audit, more than a year after having set up a specialized team for these tasks made up of external experts.

Since the final report of recommendations, issued in July 2020, Meta has assured that it has already implemented 65 of the 117 total measures proposed, which represents the 55 percent of the total, while 36 percent are still in progress.

Regarding the rest of the civil rights recommendations, the 7 percent of them are still under evaluation, while 2 percent remaining has rejected.

Meta has divided its audit advice into six different sections, in which the most common is the one referred to elections and censuses (37 proposals), followed by content moderation (32), diversity and inclusion (21), responsibility structure (15), algorithm bias (7) and advertising (6).

As for the rest of his future news related to civil rights, Meta has embarked on a process of review of its technology known as Project Height, with which you will analyze potential risks for the civil rights generated by its new functions.

Among the rest of the initiatives, the American company also works for the development of a Artificial intelligence (AI) responsible, which is already used for tasks such as moderation, as well as better understand the experience of users of different races to to protect to minorities.