Facebook has new security alerts for Marketplace purchases

The platform will include a notification system to protect people from bad users. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo (DADO RUVIC/)

A new update of Facebookparticularly its function of marketplacewhere the users interact with each other to sell products and offer servicesis specifically directed to protect and recommend to people some security measures for when it is necessary to carry out exchanges in person to avoid situations such as harassment, possible kidnappings, scams on-lineamong other.

This system is presented to users in the form of a set of notifications focused on reminding people that they are able to report bad practices by sellersin addition to sharing information about the transaction with close relatives or friends for older security out of the platform.

However, they are not permanently displayed in any transactionbut the platform of Goal allows its appearance in certain categories of products, such as vehicles, electronic items, in addition to homes whether they are for sale or for rent. The warnings will appear on the main screen of the product description, in addition to the conversations that are maintained between seller and buyer within the application.

Security notifications in Facebook Marketplace.  (Facebook/Meta)
Security notifications in Facebook Marketplace. (Facebook/Meta)

“Be careful when communicating with buyers or sellers and report any scam suspicious” is the first notification that appears on the screen of the product or service offered in the section of Facebook. In addition, make a recommendation such as: “Check your profile to learn more about them first. You can see ratings and reviews of others buyersmutual friends, other offers and your activity in marketplace”.

As reported Goalthe reason for the inclusion of these labels or notifications is to share preventive measures to avoid online fraud either crimes greater. That is why it is recommended that people hold meetings in public and well-lit spaces, notify to family and friends of encounters and share the location in real time so that the chosen contacts are aware of the user’s location at all times.

Furthermore, the company technology also recommends that all people who see a suspicious behavior report it so that other users can avoid interaction with this type of sellers. The notifications will also include reminders to share data about the transaction between known contacts to provide greater security in the meetings.

Security notifications in Facebook Marketplace.  (Facebook/Meta)
Security notifications in Facebook Marketplace. (Facebook/Meta)

Between the notifications that appear on the screen of the buyers there are some such as: “if you see any sign of activity suspicious, report it immediately and cancel the transaction. Call local authorities if necessary.”

While in the case of the programming of personal meetings with sellerthe marketplace of Facebook states: “Remember to share your meeting plan with friends or family. Be sure to use the real-time location sharing tool of Messenger on your phone during the meeting.”

The director of Public Policies of Meta, Maria Julia Díaz Ardaya, indicated that this new update that was addressed to the section of buy Y sale of Facebook It is designed to display appropriate information at key moments in the transactions. “Labels will put information within the reach of people to avoid frauds either crimes off the platform,” he said.

Security notifications in Facebook Marketplace.  (Facebook/Meta)
Security notifications in Facebook Marketplace. (Facebook/Meta)

The application of Goal will use artificial intelligence to identify the appropriate scenarios in which some or all notifications should be displayed, so each user can be sure that the notifications interactions that they have off the platform are also being monitored in order to guarantee the security and well-being of the people.

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