Facebook is updated with more tools for groups: reels, stories and much more

Administrators will be able to test access to new tools to make their work easier. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic (DADO RUVIC/)

Goal announced new features who will be present at the facebook groups in its version for mobile devices and web, which includes improvements for communication between the members of these communities and the interaction with app.

Furthermore, because the work of the administrators of these communities to which more and more people belong through their online accounts. Facebookthey will have exclusive features that will contribute to the improvement of their performance.

Interaction within communities

To get started, Facebook remains firm in its proposal to bet more on the reels, short videos in vertical format. That is why now the groups within the social network of Goal may share this type of content within the platform. In addition, the administrators they also have the possibility to add these videos within the community space.

New Facebook Groups Update Allows Users to Share Events on Instagram and Report Availability for Direct Message Conversations (Meta)
New Facebook Groups Update Allows Users to Share Events on Instagram and Report Availability for Direct Message Conversations (Meta)

On the other hand, from now on Facebook users will be able to share public events of that social network in the stories of Instagram, also developed by Meta. In this way, people will be able to generate greater interaction with their hearings no matter the platform in which they are.

Regarding the information presented in the facebook profilesMeta has decided to start testing the update of that section within the groups so that it becomes easier to contact other people with similar tastes or interests within the social network.

This test function will allow you to edit the section “About me” within the communities and highlight only those data that you want to share with other users belonging to the group. In addition, you can add a indicator that other people will be able to see to know if it is possible to start a conversation by direct messages.

Editing the About Me section on Facebook (Meta)
Editing the About Me section on Facebook (Meta)

Exclusive experiences for group administrators on Facebook

In the statement issued by Goalit is indicated that the administrators will have new tools so that they can efficiently manage the groups of which they are a part promote culture that develops within them.

That’s why test versions of a feature called “Community Contributions” with which the administrators will be able to highlight the most outstanding members within a group of Facebook. Users will be able to earn points to earn a badge that recognizes them as exemplary members. Points can be acquired by interacting with the group contenteither in the form of comments or reactions.

For now, the only role that is known is that of “Socializer”.

Socializer Badge in Facebook Groups (Meta)
Socializer Badge in Facebook Groups (Meta)

In addition, new features have been added to the Administrative Assistant, which enables effective group moderation on Facebook. These are:

– Treatment of false information: This feature will be active so that posts made within a group that have been flagged as false information by Facebook fact checkers will be removed.

– Daily summary: With this function the administrators they will be able to identify how the administrative assistant helps to carry out their job of moderation through statistics with detailed information that is previously selected by the user.

Facebook Administrative Assistant Statistics (Meta)
Facebook Administrative Assistant Statistics (Meta)

Finally, the testing phase of a feature called “Marked by Facebook” whereby a select group of group administrators who meet certain requirements will be able to accept the publication of content that could otherwise be removed by Facebook as harmful.

This function will only be enabled for administrators that have not moderated groups that have been eliminated by Facebook previously.


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