Facebook Messenger is updated: split payments between friends, messages that disappear and more news

Facebook messenger logo. (photo: Itl.cat)

FacebookMessenger It has just been updated with news. According to the announcement of Goalmany new features will arrive today for the users of the messaging app; although some of them will be limited by regions.

Next, Infobae brings all the changes to Facebook Messenger:

You will be able to split the bills in a restaurant quickly and easily

The most prominent feature is Split Payments (split payment). With this feature, you can split payments among a group of friends or family using Facebook Messenger.

Simply navigate to the icon Plus (+) in the bottom bar and then touch Split Payments; On this screen, you can choose to split the amount into equal parts or customize the amount of pay each team member will receive. This way they can collect money for a specific purpose.

misfortuneSplit payments will only be available on USA; although it is highly likely that this Messenger functionality will eventually roll out to other countries over time.

Also, you can use it on one device Android or iOS with Facebook Messenger installed.

Voice notes on Facebook Messenger.  (photo: Meta official blog)
Voice notes on Facebook Messenger. (photo: Meta official blog)

It will be possible to have private conversations in an official way

In addition to split payments, Meta is also implementing Vanish Mode for your messaging application; which has been in trial version for a long time.

With this new mode, you can ensure you have private chats that will disappear once viewed. The best is that Facebook Messenger does not store a history of these messages and you can go back to normal messaging very easily.

Meta has provided a fairly detailed explanation of how this mode works and how you can use it in your device.

“With Vanish Mode, your messages disappear after being viewed. And if you can’t find the right words, you can also send disappearing memes, GIFs, stickers or reactions. To activate Vanish Mode, open an existing conversation thread on your mobile device and swipe up. If you swipe up again, you’ll go back to regular chat.” explains Meta Newsroom.

Voice notes on Facebook Messenger.  (photo: Meta official blog)
Voice notes on Facebook Messenger. (photo: Meta official blog)

New options for voice notes in Facebook Messenger

Also, Facebook Messenger gets new options regarding recording voice messages within the app.

And it is that, now they are available the option of pause, delete, resume, or listen to drafts of voice messages. This new feature is quite similar to the one we recently received in WhatsApp.

What’s more, the length of voice memos has also increased. You can now record audio up to 30 minutes on Facebook Messenger.

A few weeks ago, Facebook Messenger announced a new feature that le notifies when someone takes a screenshot in a private chat. These new security measures pave the way for end-to-end encryption; the functionality has been delayed several times, but Meta has adapted its applications.

Voice notes on Facebook Messenger.  (photo: Xataka Movil)
Voice notes on Facebook Messenger. (photo: Xataka Movil)

2 tricks to protect privacy on Facebook Messenger

The tips are intended exclusively for the mobile version of the appssince in the computer the service is integrated with Facebook’s own website and its messaging system.

Hide when you are using the app

Like most messaging apps, Messenger also has an activity indicator. This means that you will be visible to other users as active when you use the app, so they can see if you want to write to them at that moment.

If you want to hide and not show this indicator, you can hide the activity indicator:

1. In the app, tap on your profile picture.

2. When the menu opens go to the option Active State.

3. deactivate the option of Show when you’re active so that no one knows if you are connected to Facebook or the messaging app.

FacebookMessenger.  (photo: The Spanish)
FacebookMessenger. (photo: The Spanish)

Ignore messages from specific people

Receiving notifications about messages people send you can trick you into seeing them, and by doing so, others may know you’ve done it.

But there’s something you can do ignore people who put your messages in the spam folder. You can also block contacts, but by ignoring them, other people will not notice anything.

1. To do this, you must keep your finger on one of the chat to bring up the context menu of the conversation.

2. In this menu you have to click on the option ignore message that will appear to you

3. By doing so, you won’t receive notifications of your messages, and they will be moved directly to the spam folder so you won’t even know they were sent to you.

The other person you will not be notified of anything, you will simply only see that the messages do not arrive.

Persona has the option to 'Ignore Messages' in Facebook Messenger.  (photo: Digital Children)
Persona has the option to ‘Ignore Messages’ in Facebook Messenger. (photo: Digital Children)


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