Facebook “reels” extended its duration up to 90 seconds with new tools

Meta updated some features of Facebook Reels to be more competitive with TikTok

Meta has updated some functions on Facebook this Monday, specifically in the ‘reels’ since it extended its maximum duration of these videos to 90 seconds, instead of 60, and has included new tools to create ‘reels’ from past publications, templates or with a new feature that synchronizes the movement of the video with the rhythm of a song.

The measure follows Instagram, which last June also extended the time of these videos to 90 seconds. Following this line, another of the novelties that Facebook has announced is the possibility of creating ‘reels’ from previous publications that it refers to as “memories”.

In such a way that users will be able to share memories “easily” with their followers through videos and photographs turned into a ‘reel’ by the platform itself, making them more attractive than a simple post. Grooves and templates arrive to Facebook Reels

The Facebook announcement also informs the arrival of a new ‘Grooves’ feature that is based on automatically “aligning and synchronizing” the movement of the video with the rhythm of the song that is included in the ‘reel’.

In addition, the social network run by Mark Zuckerberg is also adding tools to make it easier for users to create reels, such as the template function.

With the templates, users will be able to create new ‘reels’ using the same structure and format that they have seen in other short videos. These templates integrate the fashion formats that are being carried out in the videos.