Faced with Yemen’s terrorist support for Hamas, Israel and the United States reinforce protection in the Red Sea

Israeli Navy ships carrying missiles patrol the Red Sea after terrorist attacks carried out by the Houthis from Yemen

(Special envoy to Jerusalem, Israel) In two days, Anthony Blinken you will meet here with Benjamin Netanyahu to analyze the progress of the war that Israel unleashed in Gaza to exterminate Hamas, after the terrorist attack on October 7 that left thousands of Jews dead, hundreds injured and missing, and 240 civilian hostages who are held captive in the tunnels of the Stripe.

The Secretary of State will ratify the White House’s support for the Israeli war effort, and in this context Prime Minister Netanyahu will describe in detail still secrets the new danger that plagues Israel: the missiles and drones launched by Yemen towards the Red Sea in the direction of Eliat, that imply another terrorist tactic that Iran adds to support Hamas in the Strip.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have latest generation missiles called Arrow-3, capable of flying above the atmosphere, tracking their targets and then shooting them down.

The Saar 6 'Magen' ship of the Israeli Navy launching a missile as part of the expansion of the defensive system
The Saar 6 ‘Magen’ ship of the Israeli Navy launching a missile as part of the expansion of the “Iron Dome” defensive system to the Red Sea (Israel Ministry Of Defense via / DPA) (-/Israel Ministry Of Defense via/)

At the height that the enemy missile travels, the Arrow-3 releases its warheads and destroys it, regardless of its nuclear, biological or chemical payload. Allows you to shoot down long-range enemy missiles with guided projectiles, even at an altitude of more than 100 kilometers.

Today morning (Tel Aviv time)the Israel Defense Forces activated the Arrow-3 for the first time to intercept a surface-to-air missile launched by the Houthis from Yemen, that would fly across the Red Sea and end up landing in the city of Eliath.

The Arrow-3 system tracked the Yemeni missile and proceeded to eliminate it before it entered Israeli territory. In addition to the surface-to-air missile, the terrorists sent two armed drones that they also had to attack the civilian population of Eliat, located on the Red Sea. The drones were eliminated kilometers from Israel’s southernmost city.

The Houthis are a Shia terrorist organization based in Yemen which operates under the orders of Iran. And they act in the same way as Hezbollah in Lebanon: they comply with all the instructions that they get off since the Regime of the Ayatollahs.

The Prime Minister of Yemen, Abdelaziz bin Habtur, acknowledged his country’s responsibility in the terrorist attack that Israel dismantled with the Arrow-3 system. “These drones and missiles belong to the Republic of Yemen. “His Excellency President Mahdi al Mashat has given a clear order for our direct attack to resist this oppressive aggression in which our people, families, women, children and the elderly, are being killed in the land of Palestine,” Bin Habtur said.

And he concluded so that there will be no doubts about the terrorist relations between Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza and Yemen: “We are part of an axis of resistance that extends from Tehran to Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut, Palestine and Sana’a ( Yemen). It is an axis that has coordination, a joint operations room and joint leadership for all these operations.”

Given Yemen’s official recognition of the terrorist attacks committed in recent days, lhe Israel Defense Force deployed missile ships in the Red Sea. And at the same time, the Pentagon put its own fleet in the region on alert and shares the military intelligence that comes from Washington.

The decision to increase defense in the Red Sea is linked to another threat that occurred in recent hours. Brigadier General Yahya Saree, spokesman for the Houthi forces, announced that the terrorist attacks will continue.

“Our armed forces launched a large number of ballistic missiles and a large number of drones, and we will continue to hit the Israeli enemy,” Yahya Saree told a television channel in Yemen controlled by the Houthis.

Benjamin Netanyahu and Antony Blinken during their last meeting in Tel Aviv
Benjamin Netanyahu and Antony Blinken during their last meeting in Tel Aviv (GPO/CHAIM CHAIM HANDOUT/)

The meeting that Netanyahu and Blinken will hold in two days will be key to strengthening Israel’s defense in the Red Sea. On October 19, a United States warship located off the coast of Yemen, shot down four cruise missiles and 15 drones heading to Eliat along the Red Sea. The warship operated for nine continuous hours to protect Israeli territory from the terrorist threat of the Houthis.

Netanyahu will inform the Secretary of State of the information collected by Mossad and the war cabinet on the attacks carried out by Yemen, and will then request that war assistance be deepened from the Pentagon. Blinken, at the direction of Joseph Biden, will say yes.

In Washington they already assumed that the war against terrorism in Gaza begins to spread to the entire Middle East.