Facundo: His children criticize his work, but influencers see him as ‘The father of youtubers’

Edson Vázquez / Social networks.

We talked exclusively with the most irreverent presenter on television.

The fact that programs with new formats arrive in his career begins to form an image for facundo of a more mature type, although he himself does not consider himself as such.

“People sometimes believe that growing up is becoming serious, and I have always been professional with what I do and I have highly valued my work; I have a radio program, I arrive at 6 in the morning and I have to be saying stupid things until 10, and that means that I am already mature and serious”.

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Facundo: His children criticize his work, but influencers see him as ‘The father of youtubers’



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“I arrive on time, I don’t miss a flight and I don’t owe taxes, but I think that in the end, growing up ends up being not making the same mistake twice, because no matter how much I tell my children about the things they are going to find and what to do and what not, I feel that until you live it you don’t realize it; For me it would be immature to put on the same peds again… knowing the consequence, and not because you are a graduate and you wear a tie is that you have matured if you continue doing the stupid things that you regret.

“I try not to waste, so that when I’m old I don’t work at whatever”

Facundo assures that he does not feel oldSimply, his perspective has changed and now he worries about other things: “I think that I have to go planning to make things happen for pleasure and not for necessity; In all the projects that I do, I value whether I am going to have fun, how much I am going to earn, who is my boss, my experiences… I plan to continue with that philosophy of not working out of necessity, therefore, I want to save a chin… right now; I don’t travel first class, I don’t have a supercar or houses anywhere in the world, I don’t owe money, rather I spend on experiences, traveling to cool places, where my kids study cool, but I try not to waste, for when I’m old not work at all…”.

Facundo comments that at some point he would like to not have a boss, dedicate himself to making documentaries and traveling for pleasure: “If it gives me money, then ching…, but I hope I don’t have economic needs at 60 years old.”


Esteban Facundo Gomez Bruera, its full name, has been able to adapt to change, not only in terms of content, but also in the way it is transmitted to new audiences:

“The content that I did 20 years ago, if I did it right now my pillow would explode for a group of feminists who would be burning my home; We cannot judge the past with knowledge of the present, but I never did those things to offend anyone, on the contrary, they were critical of society and I did it with humor and comedy”.

Despite the fact that the comedy that the driver has made has been liked by many, his children have not been his best critics:

“The fact that my children judge my work is strange, because in the end they also laugh, although there are things they don’t like; My son thought that I dedicated myself to doing game shows, until his friends came to tell him about Jaime Duende, he began to see the jokes in the street and it was cool that he said: ‘my dad is shit…, he’s not just a gentleman dressed in a suit.


“Until now I’m realizing that I did do ching things… in my career”

In contrast to what his children little admire about Facundo, many content creators have seen him as an example to follow: “I have to go to many interviews with new content creators and they all tell me: ‘Güey, you’re the coolest …for me, I have tried to do what you once did and it is very difficult.’ Until now I’m realizing that I did do cool things… in my career, but I already did them before I was on TV, I grabbed my camera and started doing my reports, but not because it was a trend, but because I didn’t have who recorded me, and I made the jokes because the result seemed funny to me, and in the end, that they see me as ‘The father of youtubers’ obviously it feels ching…”.

“If what I did before I had done at this time, I would be a billionaire”

The 45-year-old driver remembers what his salary was at that time: “If what he did before he had done at this time, perhaps he would be a multimillionaire. I remember that a mention in my Incognito program cost 800,000 pesos, and I got 2,000; now when people make that content, the brand pays them the 800 thousand, but directly to them”.

“I no longer do the same stupid things I used to do, I do new ones”

There are few things that the driver regrets, however, it is clear when he assures that he left drunkenness behind, since they rarely came to a good end: “When I get drunk I lose control; I drink chelas and I love wine, I pour myself a mezcal, but I don’t get drunk because I know that shit…, I get foolish, stupid, that’s why growing up is knowing that alcohol is not for me; I no longer do the same stupid things I used to do, I do new ones”.

At home with ‘Which one is good?’

Facundo and Gina Holguín are the hosts of the new season produced by Lalo Suárez. “The coolest… and funniest production I have been in is this, where I feel most comfortable, and I have worked at Disney, Fox, Azteca, MTV, Mega de Chile, and I think there is no better team than the one I have nowadays; there’s not a single scream, not a single bad vibe, you don’t feel that pressure of ‘if I fail, what happens?’; here if the cag… there is no anger. With all the productions that I compare it to, this is the coolest, I’m on Televisa and I’m at home”, the content creator also told us.