Failed attack in France: a woman wanted to run over several vehicles shouting “Allah is great”

French police file photo. REUTERS / Pascal Rossignol (PASCAL ROSSIGNOL /)

A 34-year-old woman was arrested last Wednesday after deliberately trying to collide with several vehicles in a port in the Calanques massif, in the 9th district of Marseille., according to information from the French media Le Figaro.

The suspect was arrested by the French Police with a copy of the Koran. According to sources close to the case, he yelled “Allah akbar” (Allah is great) several times while being detained by law enforcement. He claimed to have “Acted well” and had been in contact with terrorists.

A few minutes before your arrest, several motorists had reported to the police the presence of this praying on the side of the road, very close to his dangerously parked vehicle in the port of Gineste, a winding road that connects Marseille and the commune of Cassis, according to information from Le Figaro.

Immediately after the prayer, the woman got behind the wheel of her vehicle and deliberately tried to run over other motorists. Believing that the driver wanted “Jump into the void”, an individual got out of his car to try to establish a dialogue with her. But as he got closer, he realized that he was having a conversation over the loudspeaker with a man who was ordering him: “If he approaches you, press the button!”.

The detainee was taken to the emergency room after feeling unwell. Later it was hospitalized in a psychiatric unit. She previously resided in Limoges and had already been admitted to a psychiatric hospital in March 2019 due to his “delusional and paranoid” state, according to Le Figaro.


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