Faisy from “I fall laughing” was hospitalized in an emergency in Qatar

How did they treat you? Faisy told through social networks that he ended up in the hospital after injuring himself in a shell.

Faisy, the famous host of Me caigo de risa, ended up in an emergency in a hospital in Qatar, as the Televisa presenter announced through a video.

It was through social networks that Faisy announced that she ended up in the hospital after playing a little football in Qatar. And it is that he traveled to that country due to the World Cup.

He said that in the football field he injured his ankle. At first he thought that everything would be without complications.
However, everything got complicated, because he began to see that he had an allergic reaction in the area.

“Yesterday I went to the game in Mexico and, on the way back, I walked about 7 kilometers with the crutch and, apparently, my bandage was very tight and I developed a type of allergy.

Now yes, my foot looks like a tamale, so I go to the hospital, “he explained. Therefore, he went to an emergency hospital in Doha, which was only for men.

“They registered me with the Haya, which is precisely the document they ask you to come to Qatar and enjoy the World Cup.

They examined me, they wrote down my information and then they took a plate to see if what I had was a sprain, a tear or, the worst news, I could have a fracture”, he mentioned.

After several studies and with fear that it was a fracture.

The famous realized that in reality he only had a sprain.

“The coolest thing is that they treated me incredible and with the Haya, which is the identification they make you get to come to the World Cup, they didn’t charge me anything and with these medicines I can take,” he clarified.