Faitelson called Lillini “the best” of Pumas

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The set of Cougars managed to qualify for league of the Scream Mexico Opening 2021 after defeating Toluca at the Nemesio Díez Stadium. His achievement gave way to different criticisms and analyzes of the strategist’s performance. Andres Lillini, since his work led the team to qualify for “The Big Party” of Mexican soccer.

David faitelson, sports journalist from ESPN, did not miss the opportunity to comment on the performance of Lillini and described it as “the best” that has happened to the University Club since their arrival in 2020.

Through his official Twitter account, the sports analyst shared some words addressed to the auriazul coach and the entire team board. He began by highlighting the direction of the Argentine coach, because according to Faitelson, it was what the National University Club needed for years. He also considered it as the “ideal coach” for college students.

Faitelson recognized Andrés Lillini's work with Pumas
(Photo: Twitter / @ Faitelson_ESPN)

I still think that the best thing that has happened to Pumas in many years is called Andrés Lillini. And it is that, without being looking for it, Pumas found the ideal coach, of the present and the future of the club itself. He and his footballers deserve all the credit. “

He not only praised the efforts of the footballers and the coach, but also spoke of the return of Miguel Mejia Baron. After the dismissal of Jesus Mutt Ramírez of the sports vice-presidency of Pumas, the board contacted the Doctor Mejía and brought him back to Ciudad Universitaria.

For Faitelson, Mejía Barón’s presence in the team also influenced so that at the closing of the Grita México they had a better result. He arrived at the vice presidency in the middle of the tournament and from that moment there were different changes and Pumas showed a different face in the competition.

The analyst of ESPN considered his return as the “master move” to lift the blue and gold, that at that time they marched in the last places of the general table of the tournament. The experience of the former soccer player from the seventies and his ability to work in the directives of Liga MX empowered the Pedregal team.

“Pumas’s ‘master play’ in the middle of the tournament. Recover Doctor Miguel Mejía Barón. His unquestionable ability, his personality and his experience have ended up improving everyone’s work at Pumas. That of Lillini and that of each of the footballers. A ‘master move’ ”, he published.

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