Faitelson supported Cuauhtémoc Blanco and they reminded him with mockery of the blow he gave him

Cuauhtémoc Blanco beat Faitelson in 2003 (Photo: Cuartoscuro / Twitter / @ alpiedeldeporte)

The controversy surrounding the performance of the Mexican team still booming, now the former footballer Cuauhtémoc White gave his opinion on him Tri and claimed the lack of leaders within the group. Through social networks, the journalist David faitelson He acknowledged the opinion of the current politician, but the users did not forgive and made fun of him.

The ESPN analyst used his verified Twitter account to share his perspective on the criticism he made. The fear to the national teams after losing to the United States and Canada in the Concacaf octagonal Heading for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Faitelson recognized the career of Cuauhtémoc Blanco in El Tri
Faitelson recognized the career of Cuauhtémoc Blanco in El Tri (Photo: Twitter / @ Faitelson_ESPN)

Faitelson wrote about the sports legacy left by the Americanist youth squad in Mexican soccer internationally, he recognized his career publicly, a fact that led to jokes on the day that Cuauhtémoc Blanco hit the journalist.

Cuauhtémoc White says that the Mexican team lacks leaders. You have to listen to it. He has been one of the great characters in the history of our football”, Wrote Faitelson. Immediately different users of the network responded with memes to the events that occurred in 2003.

Memes Faitelson vs Cuauhtémoc Blanco
“You should listen to the divo from Tepito, he was the only one who put a ‘be still'”, they wrote in networks (Photo: Twitter / @ Tiburonzone21)
memes faitelson vs cuauhtemoc blanco
More users scoffed at the way Faitelson praised the career of the Tepito native (Photo: Twitter / @ jahernandez1387)

“You should listen to the divo from Tepito, He was the only one who put a ‘be still’“,” Ufff … and everything else he has done, he has even given one to another to savor his fist “and” He has also been a great character in your career, if not for the madrassa that your career gave you I would be on the ground ”, were some of the responses David received in his publication.

The number of likes to his tweet, because just one hour after sharing it, he had already added about 3,500 “likes”. The comments continued and more users scoffed at the way Faitelson praised the career of the Tepito native.

memes faitelson vs Cuauhtémoc blanco
Netizens made fun of Faitelson (Photo: Twitter / @ Nestor_Adrian4)

“And not only in football, if not in terms of boxing, he showed it that afternoon when I accommodate you tremendous shit” and “Do not invoke it or you already know what happens with the ‘sincuello’ from Tlatilco my Deivid ”, were more comments that were shared.

What happened the day Cuauhtémoc Blanco hit Faitelson?

During the 2003 Liga MX championship, the team from America visited the Red Sharks from Veracruz as part of Matchday 9. The Eagles They took the score, but at the end of the game a fight began, very close to the dressing rooms of the azulcrema.

David Faitelson, along with the cameraman from Aztec Sports, they approached the scene to record part of it, there the former striker gave Faitelson a blow to the face. From a dressing room window, right where the journalist was, the I fear he put out his arm and attacked him.

At the time, it was not known who was the one who carried out the act, but as the controversy grew, it was revealed that it was the youth squad of The Eagles. Even the images you captured Aztec TV They served to keep the debate going.

memes faitelson vs cuauhtemoc blanco
Sports fans did not leave him behind and every time they can they remind David Faitelson, especially on social networks (Photo: Twitter / @ Ochoa10001)

Cuauhtémoc Blanco offered a public apology for the event. “I want to offer an apology to Mr. Faitelson for the aggression last Saturday in Veracruz. I admit that it was an unfair attitude”, Expressed that day before the media. With that the problem was forgotten.

But sports fans did not leave him behind and they remind David Faitelson whenever they can, especially on social networks.


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