Family of Carmelita Salinas denied the rumors about her supposed death

(Photo: Instagram / @ carmelitasalinas_56)

After the wave of speculation that was unleashed by the sudden emergency hospitalization of Carmen Salinas placeholder image, this morning his family spoke on social networks about it and denied the rumors about his supposed deathThis after a priest visited her in her hospital room in the last hours.

From the official Twitter account of Carmen Salinas, her relatives published a brief statement in which they thanked the expressions of affection they have received in recent days due to the complicated state of health faced by the actress from Tivolli.

In addition, they took advantage of the space to clarify that until this Tuesday, November 16, the Coahuilense is fighting for her life, contrary to what is rumored on the internet, since there were those who affirmed that the actress had already died, which is a lie.

(Capture: @ CarmelitaSalinas / Twitter)
(Capture: @ CarmelitaSalinas / Twitter)

“We reiterate that, so far, she remains in a natural coma. We deny any information about his death and let them know that the family or loved ones are asking for money in any way”The statement reads.

With the publication, the relatives of Carmen Salinas faced the speculations that revolve around the complicated situation facing the famous actress of My fortune is to love you. In addition to ensuring that the native of Torreón, Coahuila is still alive, they asked that the public not fall into deception, because it seems that there are already some people who are asking for a monetary collaboration for the expenses of the also professional imitator

Without further ado, the actress who shone at the time of the national “Ficheras Cinema” remains stable in intensive care, but serious. It was approximately at 10:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 10, when Salinas fainted, without explanation, while resting at home. It is known that the actress had returned from a work call and had dinner.

Carmelita Salinas plays
Carmelita Salinas plays “Doña Magos” in the telenovela “My fortune is loving you” (Photo: Instagram / @ mifortunaesamarte)

From that moment until this Tuesday, November 16, the actress remains in a natural coma derived from a stroke that she had in the area of ​​the stem of said organ. Carmelita Salinas continues to be hospitalized at the StarMédica hospital, where the Mexican star Rossy Mendoza is also hospitalized.

María Eugenia Plascencia, Carmen Plascencia and Gustavo Briones, have been Salinas’s relatives in charge of giving updates on the actress’s state of health, in addition, the afterwards have tried to keep in constant contact with the media and have not denied any interviews, kindness that has always characterized the Coahuila.

In general, the three relatives of the Aventurera producer have agreed that Carmelita Salinas remains in a coma, with small flashes of light on her speedy recovery, as both her daughter María Eugenia and her nephew Gustavo Briones have witnessed reflex movements that the actress has done. Although they were involuntary movements, they awakened everyone’s hope.

Carmen Salinas placeholder image
Photo: Cuartoscuro (Iván Stephens /)

After the news, some Mexican artists said they were dismayed by the affectation that keeps Salinas inside the hospital and, through social networks, joined in a chain of prayer for the speedy recovery of the famous actress. They also took advantage of their reach within the public to request that everyone pray for the health of Salinas.

One of them was Maribel guard, who from his Instagram profile wrote: “I ask you for a prayer chain for our adored Carmelita Salinas. She is in a hospital with a delicate health, you know that she trusts in God ”, she placed together a couple of photographs where she posed next to the famous impersonator. “I learned so much from Carmen on stage and off stage: absolute dedication, passion and respect for the public. What an adorable woman, teacher of life and unconditional friend”He added.


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