Family of Carmen Salinas thanked the tribute by Eugenio Derbez in “The Valet”

The daughter of the late first actress, Maria Eugenia Plascencia thanked for the small tribute from the entire production

The renowned Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez during his stay in Mexico City for the premiere of his most recent film production The Valet, surprised those attending the event when in much of the gala he praised the figure of the late first actress, Carmen Salinas to whom he dedicated the first great function.

In the film, Carmen Salinas gives life to Cecilia, Antonio’s mother (Eugenio Derbez), the important thing in this is that it was the last production in which she was able to collaborate before her death on December 9, 2021. Eugenio’s action dedicating the tape to Carmelita did not go unnoticed and reached the family of the deceased interpreter.

It was in an interview for the evening program De Primera Mano where Carmen Salinas‘ eldest daughter, Maria Eugenia Plascencia, thanked the shows of affection during the red carpet and honored the figure of Eugenio Derbez throughout the production, as well as for the gesture during the premier function.

“Eugenio took care of everything for me, a very nice movie,” said the daughter of the late Mexican comedian who died at the age of 82 inside a hospital in Mexico City.

The daughter of the actress who gave life to Luisa Herrera in the successful melodrama, Because love rules, with notorious nostalgia recalled the emotional moment when Eugenio Derbez paid tribute to Carmen Salinas prior to the first performance.

“I want to thank Eugenio Derbez very much, at the beginning of the film they paid him such a beautiful tribute, so unexpected. My mom talking and recommending the movie, ”he stressed.

“I am very excited and I feel very blessed to have been in the last Carmen Salinas film. She really wanted to see it finished, but unfortunately the conditions were not met; she passed away four or five months before filming was finished,” she recalled on the red carpet.