Famous Paintings Are Reimagined As Fun Geometric Illustrations

Tokyo-based artist John Battalgazi reimagines famous works of art using geometric shapes.

Most of the famous works of art are recognizable thanks to their distinctive style or their incredible realism.

Tokyo-based artist John Battalgazi has challenged himself to replicate famous paintings like the Mona Lisa using only geometric shapes.

As a result, these minimalist designs capture the essence of what makes these pieces so well known.

To recreate Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring in this striking style, the artist uses only a few circles and ovals and a few colors.

Similarly, Battalgazi translates the ornate motifs of Klimt’s The Kiss into a much simpler design with circles and rectangles embellishing the gently undulating shapes.

“I’ve been working on a style that incorporates various elements like those seen in abstract, cubist and art deco illustrations,” says Battalgazi. “These are styles that attract me and that influence my art.”

Unlike the inspirations for these pieces—which were made using traditional methods—Battalgazi prefers to capture his designs with digital tools, like his iPad.

“Today, with digital technology, it’s easier to mix and match, so I can organize work and experiment more,” he explains. “That allows me to take risks and try interesting color combinations and compositions.”

You can buy prints through Battalgazi’s website, and keep up with his latest projects by following the artist on Instagram.