Famous people who have been detractors of Yalitza: from Sergio Goyri to Patricia Reyes Spíndola and Daniel Bisogno

For Yalitza Aparicio The difficult thing was not getting to ‘Rome’, but everything that has happened after acting in that film that meant for her an Oscar nomination but also a lot of criticism considering that her fame and awards are exaggerated.

That’s how Yalitza He has lived these three years in which several celebrities have questioned his acting ability to his indigenous origin.

The first to attack the Mexican actress was the soap opera villain Sergio Goyri, who was caught by accident in a video in which he said “Indian” and considered that his performance was reduced to saying “yes sir, no sir”.

The consequences of his comment were so shocking that Goyri had to record a video to apologize to Yali.

Laura Zapata, in a less serious but just as forceful tone, also got into the controversy over the nomination of Yalitza to the Oscar in 2019. With a smile, Shoe He said: “It’s good that he’s nominated, they say the luck of the ugly …” And then he laughed. He immediately corrected by saying that he was very happy: “he got it and how good”.

Patricia Reyes Spíndola, acting teacher of several generations of actors, even predicted that the future of Aparicio It wouldn’t be in the acting world; “I think she’s gorgeous, that she did her role very well, but I don’t think she’ll end up making a career out of it.”

Since his participation in ‘Roma’, indeed the career of Yalitza She has been unproductive in film and television, as she has focused more on the world of fashion, with appearances on magazine covers in which she often shows her pride in being an indigenous woman.

Daniel bisognoBy the way, consider that this has caused an excessive presence of Yali. “They no longer know where to put it,” said the driver when the Mexican actress was the guest of honor at the unveiling of Alejandro Sanz’s star on the Hollywood Walk.

Unlike them, there is another group of actors who believe that Yalitza can have a future in film and television. Bruno Bichir, Luis Felipe Tovar and even Salma Hayek have highlighted that Aparicio has a natural talent for acting.

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