Famous Televisa actor combines soap operas with his work as a builder

the stars.

The actor returned to soap operas, after taking a break from his artistic career.

Pedro Moreno has returned to the spotlight with his participation in the production ‘Your life is my life’produced by Angelli Nesma, where he plays the character of Rafa.

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Along with his artistic career, the 43-year-old Cuban actor is very happy and proud to have created his own construction company in the United States.

“People have a misconception of what construction is. Construction is something beautiful, it is something that you do, you manufacture and it stays there.; It is a structure that changes geography, whether it is a house, a wall or whatever you build. It is the result of an effortan analysis, some calculations, It’s something I like, it’s my business, it’s my plan B”, he shared with the media.

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