Fascinating human faces emerge between delicately bent wires

Hulea translates these drawing elements into metal sculptures of figures inspired by history and mythology.

Human faces come to life in the industrial sculptures of Darius Hulea. This Romania-based artist uses iron, stainless steel, brass and copper to create expressive portraits inspired by history and mythology.

Drawing inspiration from the sketches of the old masters, Hulea translates the speed and fluidity of drawing into three-dimensional forms. Despite the rigidity of his medium, his sculptures display a looseness and spontaneity not usually associated with metal. Many of Hulea’s pieces take the form of a man with long hair and a beard, and he weaves wires together to mimic the look of long, unruly locks.

The density of the many individual wires creates an interesting texture reminiscent of hair blowing in the wind.

In addition to creating hair with metal wire, Hulea also found a way to mimic the look of fur. Instead of leaving the wires as long, individual strands, he fuses the pieces together into a solid plate-like shape. The only remaining evidence of the wires is a textured exterior, giving the sculpture a tactile surface.

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