Featherweight got nervous with Anitta’s intense twerking: the video of her reaction

Anitta’s sexy moves left Featherweight breathless.


Featherweight and Anitta surprised their fans by performing live for the first time Bellakeotheir most recent collaboration, in the midst of a riot of sensuality.

Bellakeothe new song by Peso Pluma and Anitta which was released last Friday, quickly became a success, and it was not surprising that this weekend the catchy song dominated social networks.

In fact, this piece has already given a lot to talk about after Anitta and Featherweight will go on stage together to sing Bellakeo in the first TikTok music festival.

However, although many spoke of the return of Featherweight to the urban genre After his success in the corridos tumbados, he was another “little detail” that made Internet users explode.


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♬ BELLAKEO – Tiktok – Featherweight & Anitta


In the video that quickly made the rounds on social networks, it is noted that Featherweight was extremely nervous before Anitta’s intense twerking on stage, and many even brought up Nicky Nicole, the girlfriend of “Double P.” Do you have it under control?

It was this Sunday, December 10, that Anitta and Peso Pluma shared the stage at Sloan Park in Mesa, Arizona, to, for the first time, sing live Bellakeohis most recent song.

The videos of this explosive concert soon went viral, and that’s because Anitta took advantage of the concert to exude sensuality with her hip movements that left more than one person “frozen”… Even Featherweightwho seemed more shy than usual.


Featherweight’s distant behavior was taken as nervousness by many people, although others remembered that the singer He is the boyfriend of Argentine Nicki Nicole and apparently decided be faithful even with your eyeswithout daring to look at Anitta’s intense twerking.

Shyness, nervousness or simple prudence, The only thing that could be obtained from this moment, in addition to the videos, were the funny memes that did not stop shining on X (formerly Twitter).