Featherweight in trouble: television station demands that organizers of Viña del Mar 2024 cancel their presentation

Peso Pluma has a concert scheduled on Friday, March 1 in Viña del Mar 2024.

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Public television says that they do not agree with the presentation of Peso Pluma and may not broadcast their show in Viña del Mar 2024.

Will Featherweight be cancelled? The controversy over its questioned presentation in the Viña del Mar International Festival 2024 it doesn’t stop, and now The directors of the Chilean state channel TVN demand that the Mexican cancel his concert because, according to them, “he promotes narco culture”.

In a TVN statement, The public television station expressed its position on the concert Featherweight in Chileensuring that they cannot “share, transmit, or promote” music that alludes to violence, drug trafficking and other elements of this genre.

“The Board of National Television of Chile decided that the administration would formally transmit in the commission also made up of the Municipality of Viña del Mar and Channel 13, our disagreement as a Board of Directors with this hiring and, therefore, our request to cancel the invitation made to said artist,” the document reads.

Why don’t they want Featherweight in Viña del Mar 2024?

The rejection of Peso Pluma’s music in Viña del Mar began when the sociologist Alberto Mayol published a column on the BioBioChile portal, where he talks about the lyrics of the songs of Hassan Emilio Kabande Laijareal name of ‘Double P’.

Featherweight is part of the Viña del Mar 2024 poster

Featherweight would be presented on March 1, 2024 at Viña del Mar 2024.


Besides, Rene Luescouncilor of Viña del Mar, was one of the first to request the cancellation of Peso Pluma at the Chile festival, arguing that “It is not appropriate to use channels, resources and public spaces to promote this genre of music and songs linked to drug trafficking.”“Well, as a society, we should not romanticize criminal figures with their dramatic history of violence and blood.”

Until now, the presentation of Featherweight in Viña del Mar 2024 is still on.as confirmed by the organization in a statement published this morning.

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“The Viña del Mar Festival has 63 years of history and reaffirms the commitment to the music of the most important event in Chile and Latin America, heritage of the city and of all Chileans,” it reads.

Featherweight is criticized for attacking a fan

The situation in Viña del Mar is not the only thing that Featherweight has to face these days. On January 15, the Jalisco singer was captured at a private concert in Texas, where he had an attitude that left much to be desired: He spilled water on one of his fans who were in the front row. Watch the video and the criticism they made to Peso Pluma for this attack.


Featherweight had a bottle of water in his hand as he approached the fan.