Featherweight shares a photo with RBD and unleashes theories on networks, will there be collaboration?

The image of Peso Pluma and RBD soon made the rounds on social networks.


Featherweight unleashed the theory of a possible collaboration with RBD on social networks after he published a photograph with the band before the last concert that the musicians offered in Los Angeles.

The singer of corridos tumbados was one of the celebrities who attended the concert that RBD offered at the BMO Stadium on October 22. It is important to remember that Peso Pluma had a series of concerts in the United States, which ended on October 21 with a presentation at the Honda Center sports hall in Anaheim, California.

Before attending the concert RBDFeatherweight had the opportunity to live with all the members of the band and they even took a photoor that quickly unleashed a furor after several fans began to speculate about a possible collaboration between the singer and the group.


Through his Instagram stories, Peso Pluma shared some photos and videos of his latest concerts in the United States, as well as a snapshot with RBD that was immediately filled with comments and “Likes” from his followers.

In the group photo, you can see a smiling Featherweight, who poses in the middle of AnahiMaite Perroni, Dulce María, Christian Chávez and Christopher Uckermann, dressed in the brilliant costumes they showed off in front of their fans in Los Angeles, so it is assumed that the image was taken before the presentation.


Featherweight and RBD pose, smiling, in the photograph.


Featherweight also took time to pose with the husbands of the RBD, Dulce María and Anahí: Andres Tovar and former governor Manuel Velasco Coello, which ended up making the followers of the famous people happy.

Until now, heThe musicians have not confirmed any projects together; However, hope dies last, and fans are willing to apply this saying.