Features of transport applications to save time at Christmas

Taxi app. (photo: Prosegur)

Many technology services are used to optimize the time between shopping for gifts, food, or picking up family members for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

In the case of transport applications, which are available both in stores Play Store like in app storeThese are in high demand during the Christmas season.

plan trips

Some taxi apps, like Uber, have options dedicated to planning travels to automate requests and not wait minutes for a driver to approach the Location.

The periods in which a trip reservation can be made varies depending on the app to be used, while uber offers a window of between two hours and 30 days, cabify does not have an established time limit and can be generated travels several months in advance in the calendar. However, it is possible that the price offered may vary at the time of boarding the unit.

More space

Similarly, to have greater comfort in the vehicle and save all purchases of gifts or food for Christmas dinner, there is the option of requesting larger cars.

Uber Comfort is the name of this service that also has an “XL” version which is only available in Bogota Colombia.

FILE PHOTO: An Uber office is shown in Redondo Beach, California, US, March 16, 2022. REUTERS/Mike Blake/File Photo
FILE PHOTO: An Uber office is shown in Redondo Beach, California, US, March 16, 2022. REUTERS/Mike Blake/File Photo (MIKE BLAKE/)

In the specific case of including pets Along the way, Cabify also includes a version of its service called “Cabify Pet”, which offers a special space within the vehicle specifically for the animal. In all cases, these services complementaries imply an increase in the fee base.


Accessing application services generates more security since there are more than 40 functions and tools ranging from sharing the lease with up to 5 trusted contacts or RideCheck technology, which detects abnormal stops; or activate the PIN Code, which provides a 4-digit number and must be confirmed by the user to know that he is in the correct vehicle.


Currently, the market option can be integrated into transport apps.

For example, gifts and/or ingredients can be ordered in advance or on the spot, to prepare meals for these holidays.

Exists in Colombia Cornershop by Uber, the platform for intermediation of purchases and deliveries of supermarket products and specialized stores at home. In addition to personalized support, users will have access to a wide variety of store offerings.


Different countries have allowed the taxi option in private car rental applications, so there is also the possibility of continuing to move around the city with vehicles of this type.

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