Federica Quijano suffers from the blows her son gave her: “My soul hurts”

The singer Federica Quijano is heartbroken as a mother. Beyond the physical blow that she received from one of her children, she stated that the impact was stronger on her heart when she saw that she was hurt by a loved one.

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The member of the Kabah group opened her privacy and told through Instagram stories how her son Sebastián, who suffers from autism, hurt her.

“Sebastián became very, very aggressive in the morning and gave me a big headbutt on the arm, so I’m here in the hospital to see what happened to me.”said the singer.

Federica commented on the consequences of the blows. “I ended up screaming like crazy, Sebastian rubbed my tendon with his headbutt.”

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Apio Quijano’s sister assured that she is also emotionally hurt. “The physical part hurts, but it hurts the soul, the heart, more, it hurts me more to see my son so far away, to feel so alien to what he is feeling, that hurts more,” she commented on her social networks.