Federica Quijano tells how she found her son when he was a baby: They threw him in the trash, he was bitten by rats

Federica Quijano with her son, Sebastián.


Federica Quijano shared that she is already recovering at home, after her son “became very aggressive with her and head-butted her arm.”

The singer revealed that she was beaten by her sonwho at the age of three he was diagnosed with autism, causing an arm injury. Because of the hard headbutt he received, Federica Quijano was hospitalized and diagnosed with tendonitis.

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My arm hurts but my soul hurts more, my heart hurts more; It hurts me more, suddenly, to see my son so far away. Feeling so alien to what you are following, and that hurts more, that is why today I want to thank you for your messages, full of love, good vibes.”

Moments ago, the sister of Celery Quijano remembered before the cameras of the program ‘First hand’ the painful story of how he rescued who is now his adopted son.

“Unlike my daughter María, They abandoned him in a garbage dump in Mexico City, they left him with the umbilical cord thrown in the garbage dump, with pneumonia, rhinitis, decalcified and bitten by rats and else, He fought for his life, he spent 20 days in the hospital trying to save himselfFor me, all the effort he made to live this life and survive, For me he deserves that he is a warrior and that he has chosen me to accompany him on this difficult path…

And sometimes they tell me why are you uploading your son’s stories, why are you uploading that, as if I were doing something bad, I think on the contrary, People have to know that these things happen to us and that it doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, it has nothing to do with status.religion, absolutely nothing, When you have a person with autism it changes the whole family.”.

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