“Félix Salgado had tears of helplessness” after being dropped from the race by Guerrero: Evelyn Salgado

Félix Salgado Macedonio, cried upon learning that the General Council of the National Electoral Institute (INE) had approved your refusal to register as a candidate for government from Warrior. Understanding that all instances had been exhausted and that the only possible option was to change the candidate, the current governor of the state revealed last night, Evelyn salgado, in the program Long breath, conducted by Sabina berman.

“There were tears from both, we both had a catharsis part of everything that happened … He had tears of helplessness, of courage, of a bull. And I had those tears of anger, of helplessness, of sadness, it was the dream of a lifetime, a fight on the left ”, shared the governor, daughter of Salgado Macedonio.

The INE approved by majority to withdraw the candidacy for Brunette to Félix Salgado Macedonio, for not submitting a pre-campaign expense report in time and form. In parallel, he faced accusations of sexual assault.

“Your father was taken down from the fray because three women accused him of rape. Didn’t you think that the straight path to the social health of Warrior I was going for a confrontation of the Toro Salgado with the accusers ”, questioned the host of the program that airs on Thursdays on Channel 11 and Channel 14.

“At no time did we doubt the integrity of Felix. We saw that it was a political question. We review each of the cases, as a daughter, and with the part of the feminism that she already brought (as a local delegate of Acapulco in the Women’s Secretariat in Guerrero). It was a work issue, it was the part of the husband that was saying ‘do this because they are going to give you an amount’. An agreement was signed where she had terminated her employment relationship and there is the economic part. Later the husband was there putting… ”, answered Salgado.

“Did you go to see López Obrador?” Berman asked. “No,” replied the governor.

When asked how the idea that she was the candidate came about, Salgado assured that it came up in the movement. “They asked him why La Torita wasn’t going and well, they were thinking of people within the movement, of leaders, and they told them that I knew everything that has been done, that I had been in the campaign and knew the thought and ideology of the left, “he replied.

“Are you a guarantee of closeness to Felix?” Berman asked. ”Yes, one hundred percent, who is closer to Félix Salgado than Evelyn Salgado ”, he indicated.

The governor acknowledged that there was “companions” that they had the name of Félix Salgado so present and that is why they voted for her, but she assured that there were also those who did want to know her. “Don’t think that the way of saying, ‘well, the daughter is coming, it’s the same’. It was difficult, there were questions about my ability in all aspects, political and intellectual capacity, they said ‘he only sings, he only knows how to sing, wears huipiles, wears a hat and also sings,’ “he replied.

The governor also assured that in Guerrero there is no “Co-government”. “I am alone, with advice from Felix and leaders. We have the same goals as ending corruption and poverty, “he said.

He also assured that his government He does not negotiate or agree with the drug trafficker and that there are no quotas or commitments with his father.

And he said that in Guerrero they will take courses on new masculinities and that the first to take them were the men who participate in his government, so that they would understand that there is a female governor.