Ferka goes to Spain with her son and Jorge Loza, while Christian Estrada explodes and issues a warning

Jorge Losa and Ferka are one of the strongest couples in entertainment.


The dispute between Ferka and Christian Estrada for him
The child they had together seems to have no end. When the waters begin to calm, a new conflict always appears.

The last:

Ambrosio’s carbine?” href=”https://www.tvynovelas.com/famosos/de-que-murio-gina-montes-una-de-las-figuras-mas-iconicas-de-la-carabina-de-ambrosio” >



What did Gina Montes, one of the most iconic figures in history, die of? Ambrosio’s carbine?

The decline of "La Pastora", Lupita Martínez, in the world of entertainment


The decline of “La Pastora”, Lupita Martínez, in the world of entertainment

Ferka is enjoying a vacation in Spain with her current partner, the influencer and actor Jorge Loza. The romantic trip is not a problem, but what disconcerts Christian Estrada is that they are accompanied by his son.

The first eliminated from the fourth season of La Casa de los Famosos México reproached Ferka for leaving Mexico with the minor without asking for his authorization, for which he assured that he had already taken legal measures.

“I am realizing that they took him out of the country (from Mexico). I leave everything in the hands of God, in the hands of my lawyers who are already taking care of that. I was not given consent to take my son out of the country. “I didn’t know the boy came out.”Christian Estrada assured several media outlets that approached him at the Mexico City Airport.


Christian Estrada defends himself against Ferka and clarifies some situations.

The ex-boyfriend also of Frida Sofía and Alicia Machado said what legal measures he took as a result of the events: “There is an immigration alert. I hope that the mother apologizes, that she reaches an agreement. “I don’t want things to go badly for her mother.”.