Ferka responds to Arath de la Torre for saying live that he can’t stand her

Ferka reacted to Arath de la Torre’s comments.

Arath de la Torre made an unfortunate comment against Ferka.

What a controversy he got into again. Arath of the Toweron this occasion for having said that “does not tolerate Ferka” in planned broadcast of the ‘Hoy’ programbecause the actor also did not realize that his microphone was open or on and what he said to the actress was heard on air.

The last:

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In their networks, Arath de la Torre defended himself against the criticism that rained down on him for the inappropriate comments he made to María Fernanda Quiroz, better known as ‘Ferka’publishing a video of self-improvement with the caption: “and the cheese”, along with a laughing emoji.

For her part, the actress used her networks to react to what Arath said.

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“Let him know, hahahaha!” he wrote.