Ferka to Christian Estrada: The María Fernanda of the past has already died

Ferka reacts to what her ex, Christian Estrada, said.

ferka_q / estradac11

The bickering between Ferka and Christian Estrada continues.

Last August, Ferka, 37, and Christian Estrada, 34, They reached a peaceful agreement for him to see his son, Leonel.. However, everything seems to indicate that this has not been the case.

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After Christian Estrada to ensure in interview for Telemundo cameras who misses his son very much and has tried to be close to himalthough it complies with the alimony, María Fernanda Quirozbetter known as Ferka reacts to her ex-partner’s statements.

Everyone who says what they sayI have always based myself on the truth. I feel renewedI just had a makeover, The last María Fernanda has already died, I have already completed one year of that terrifying dayHave a nice day, kisses, be very happy“, expressed the actress before the media in reference to the current love relationship that the father of her son has with Alicia Machado.

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