Fernando Botero, the Colombian artist of voluptuous sculptures, died at the age of 91

  • The most famous Colombian painter and sculptor known for his sculptures of voluptuous figures, died this Friday at the age of 91.

The Colombian painter and sculptor Fernando Botero, one of the most famous Colombian artists and known for his sculptures of voluptuous figures, died this Friday at the age of 91, local media and authorities reported.

The artist, born on April 19, 1932 in Medellín, continued painting in his studio until he suffered pneumonia for which he had to be hospitalized, but on Thursday he left the hospital to recover at home, according to W Radio.

«We deeply regret the departure of Fernando Botero, one of the greatest artists in Colombia and the world. Always generous with his country, a great friend, and passionate peacemaker. Our most sincere condolences to his entire family,” the former Colombian president, Juan Manuel Santos, expressed on social networks.

For his part, Colombian President Gustavo Petro reported the death of the sculptor through his social networks and dedicated a brief message to him.

Who was Fernando Botero?
Fernando Botero Angulo was born in Medellín, Colombia, on April 19, 1932 and was a painter, sculptor and draftsman. He was considered the most sought-after living Latin American artist in the world.

Botero’s creative works bear a ‘sui generis’ interpretation of the figurative style that some called ‘Boterism’.

Botero dedicated himself to painting, sculpting and drawing overweight figures. The artist printed in his works the human body of a significantly increased size and rounded on the sides, something that constitutes what we mentioned previously, the so-called ‘Boterism’.

The painter studied in Colombia and at the Royal Academy of Art of San Fernando, in Madrid, and began exhibiting in the 1960s in the United States, with a first exhibition at the Milwaukee Art Center where he began to show his characteristic figurative style.

Botero leaves behind a long artistic work; from his characteristic and peculiar Mona Lisa to the couples with thick shapes dancing, passing through his sculptures that adorn the corners of the world, but above all his native Medellín, to which he has given dozens of works.