Fernando Carrillo is becoming a MILLIONAIRE for “showing the pompitas”

He is part of a generation that earned millions of pesos for starring in a soap opera for which he had to work for several months almost without seeing the light of day, but now Fernando Carrillo found a way to earn the same just by showing his body.

This is how he shared it in an interview with the journalist Matilde Obregón, where he talked about the juicy offer that joining the OnlyFans platform represented, where in exchange for a monthly subscription, his followers can see him naked.

Between one million and 3.8 million pesos is what Fernando presumes to charge monthly, in exchange for photo sessions that represent a few days of work.

Fernando Carrillo

“Between 50 and 200 thousand dollars a month for working 3 days a week, 8 hours a day… Yes, for showing the pompitas, as you say, that I had already shown them at the closing of the soap opera I will always love you,” he confessed.

“It’s a bit about the demands of the new generations, how they consume content today, it’s about staying current with the new formats,” he said about opening up to this new type of platform.

In fact, he confessed: “I had a wrong concept, I thought that OnlyFans was nothing more for triple X and pornographic content, but it is not like that at all. It is content with a high quality bill and we started in the Mexican Caribbean, in Tulum. And the next 5 destinations are going to be the Philippines, Turkey, Argentina where I am going to finish the year working, Venezuela and Colombia“.

“Productivity is almost like those millionaire contracts from the year 2000, from the year 99 on Televisa, where they paid you amounts that are no longer paid monthly,” he admitted.

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